The UNISON National Executive Council (NEC) elections begin on 4 May and ballot papers will be arriving through your doors shortly. These are important elections and will decide who leads your union over the next 2 years.


If you haven’t received a ballot paper by 14 May please contact us.

Ballot papers must be returned by 27 May.


Your UNISON branch nominated the following candidates:


South East Regional Seats – 2 Female, 1 General and 1 Low Paid Woman

Abbie Holdsworth

Dan Sartin

Antoinette Solera

Jacqui Berry

Black Members Seats – 2 Female, 1 Male and 1 Low Paid Woman

Hugo Pierre

April Ashley

Nimishi Trivedi

Julie Mwaluke

Disabled Members – 1 Female and 1 General

Paula Carlisle,

David Maples

Young Members – 1 Female and 1 General

Lilly Boulby

Kiera Hilder

Local Government – 2 Female, 1 Male and 1 General

Paul Holmes

Jane Doolan

Andrea Egan

Diana Leech

Community – 1 Female and 1 Male

Kevin Jackson

Saoirse Fanning

Higher Education – 1 Female and 1 Male

Sandy Nichol

Kath Owen


We nominated these candidates because we believe they represent the best possible team for ensuring the change we need to see in our union. We want a fighting, democratic union – which is truly member-led,- that campaigns vigorously to improve the pay, terms and conditions of members – including taking strike action. A union not afraid to tell Councillors to make a stand and reverse the cuts – whoever runs the council. A union which stands up to racism, sexism, disablism, LGBT+ phobia and all forms of discrimination. One that supports branches taking strike action and initiates national action where necessary.