Unsocial Hours Payments – Joint message from UNISON & the GMB

Joint message from UNISON and the GMB on the current negotiations over unsocial hours payments


Both the GMB and UNISON have been consulting with affected members over this issue and we continue to do so. Please do contact your union if you have any questions.

We met with SCC on 29th July and, amongst other things, we put the following on the agenda:

In order for us to be able to consider an offer to members regarding unsocial hours payments from 1 April 2022, the following issues would need to be addressed:


  • All SCC staff would have to be covered by the agreement (we have members in libraries, in registration and elsewhere who would have no right to unsocial hours enhancements as it stands, leading to potential equal pay claims).


  • Those staff who have to work overnight must be appropriately rewarded. SCC will find it impossible to cover waking night services if there are not appropriate enhancements for night work.


  • Separate consideration must be given for staff who are required/expected to work on public and bank holidays – in terms of increased enhancements on those days and time off in lieu. Again, covering Christmas and other public holiday periods will prove very difficult if there are no specific enhancements/allowances for working on those days.


The trade unions will be holding meetings with our affected members in the Autumn. We have asked for any initial offer by the latest of 10th September so we can then get immediate feedback from members and look to ballot them in good time.


Any potential revised offer would be put to union members in a ballot before anything was signed off. If members do not agree to any offer, then we reserve the right to lodge a dispute and fight for improvements.


Please try to attend any meetings called by your union on this issue.



Paul Couchman                                             Paul Grafton

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