The future of Care Homes

Consultation “The future of the Eight Care Homes run by Surrey County Council”

Open letter to members by Alan Clyne, Adult Social Care Convener

Please be assured that myself and your UNISON team are fully aware of the recent proposals and the significance of this review.  Whilst we understand why the council would want to call a review of the older persons residential homes overall and that it probably would have been held before now if not for pandemic, that does not mean that you or your trade union could find option Three acceptable.

Some staff have told us this has come “out of the blue” and a shock, whilst other members have said they were expecting something was coming for a while, especially due to current home occupancy rates.

Please let us be clear, this is not a staff consultation on home closures, but it is the start of a long period of uncertainty and anxiety.  Some long-standing Staff will have been down a similar road before.

Whatever the details of the individual buildings the consultation documents confirm one vital thing, all 8 homes were rated good by CQC.  That’s down to all your efforts and more than can be said for some other care home providers in other sectors.

The review may feel like poor reward for frontline staff still dealing a year and half into Covid Pandemic, many of whom only transferred over after 2019 TUPE transfer from Anchor and many only just taking up the harmonisation offer to SCC terms and conditions earlier this year in 2021.

This Government still ignores the true value of Social Care staff in so many ways, not least by the lack of funding settlement it gives to Local Councils to deliver.  We just go round in austerity circles. together in UNISON we can do better than this.

What is most critical, is that you are proactive in giving Surrey County Council, Adult Service Delivery, your informed views.  Please do fill in the online survey on “Surrey Says” –

or have your say via some of the other methods listed on consultation document, including

Please do not hesitate to contact me direct

or via our UNISON inbox

or phone 020 8541 9091.

We will be sending out a more detailed communication soon to you our UNISON Members.

If this is to be the open “listening process” as stated by the Council then you are the experts, who know what will work best, both for you and the care of vulnerable people you support.


Thank you.


Alan Clyne

Adults Convenor