Branch Officers

Our Branch officers are elected yearly by our members to represent their interests in Surrey, and sit on our Branch Committee. They decide the direction the Branch goes in and play a vital role in ensuring the rights of all members are represented.

Our current team of Branch Officers were elected for 2021.


  • Branch Secretary –  Paul Couchman
  • Deputy Branch Secretary – Ian George
  • Branch Co-Chairs –  Jane Gupta & Andy Pattinson
  • Branch Treasurer –  Lisa Fogerty-Scott
  • Health and Safety Officer – Andy Pattinson
  • Equalities Coordinators – Vikki Walton-Cole & Huma Yonis
  • Communications Officer – Duncan Eastoe
  • Education Officer – Nic Ciuptiu
  • Life Long Learning Officer –  Nic Ciuptiu
  • Welfare Officer – Andy Pattinson
  • Women’s Officer – Vikki Walton-Cole
  • Disabled Members Officer – Vikki Walton-Cole
  • Black Members Officer – Vanroy Williamson
  • Young Members Officer – Luca Di Mambro-Moor
  • Green Officer – Helen Treasure
  • International Relations Officer – Russ Harland
  • Retired Members Secretary – Ginny Eaton


  • ASC – Alan Clyne
  • CFL – Istvan Gulyas
  • Schools – Tracy Baker
  • Place – Andy Burns
  • Dimensions – Helen Couchman


We have Vacant positions for Membership Officer, LGBT+ Members Officer, and Labour Link Officer.

If you want to contact one of our Officers, you should contact us through the usual channels, and we will direct your enquiry.