Elections open 15th April 2019. Please use your vote

Elections open 15th April 2019. Please use your vote.

The candidates listed below were nominated by Surrey County Branch.

We wanted to nominate candidates who would work together on the NEC to make sure that:

  • UNISON takes action to save jobs, terms and conditions.
  • UNISON takes action for decent pay
  • UNISON takes action for fairer branch funding

and we nominated candidates who we believe will stand up for members and defend the right to challenge and disagree within our union.

In the regional seats we nominated:

Jacqueline (Jac) Berry (South East Female Seat)

Abigail (Abi) Holdsworth (South East Reserved Seat)

Daniel (Dan) Sartin (South East Male Seat)

In the national seats we nominated:

April Ashley (Black Members first Female Seat)

Sonia Stewart (Black Members second Female Seat)

Hugo Pierre (Black Members Male Seat)

Paula Carlyle (Disabled Members Female Seat)


Anjona Roy (Community Service Group Female Seat)

Kevin Jackson (Community Service Group General Seat)

Katherine (Kath) Owen (H E Service Group Female Seat)

Alexander (Sandy) Nicholl (H E Service Group General Seat)

Jane Doolan (Local Government first Female Seat)

Andrea Egan (Local Government second Female Seat)

Diana Leach (Local Government General Seat)

Paul Holmes (Local Government Male Seat)