As many of you are aware, Surrey County Council havejust completed one of the biggest restructure within Children Services in its history. Over 2000 workers jobs were deleted and workers had to secure their job in the new system.

During the restructure UNISON supported its members through collective disputes and individual cases.

Without going through all of cases and issues, I would like to mention and few cases where we put many effort and energy to turn things around and achieve positive outcomes for our members and for the council.


  • Throughout the consultation UNISON were fighting to preserve the number of Family Support Workers jobs within the service. Initially, there was almost a 50% cuts of jobs involving Family Support Workers. However, through consultation, collective bargaining and fighting for the issue with the workers we managed to achieve that almost no Family Support Workers had been made redundant. The reason I am unable to say the redundancy number is 0, because I understand that there some workers still in the redundancy pool and trying to secure a job.
  • UNISON supported the Information Governance Team, where the council’s original proposal could have meant that most of the workers had leave their team. After collective negotiation, we managed to keep all of the workers’ job within the Information Governance Service.
  • UNISON challenged the council’s proposal of termination workers’ employment on fixed term contracts. By doing this we enabled hounded of workers to be able to partake in the consultation and not to be made redundant.

Unfortunately, during the restructure many experienced and exceptional worker left the service as a result of the process which is a great shame. It could take months if not years to rebuild the trust between the workers and management which UNISON are committed to help and facilitate.