We remain committed to ensuring our members receive fair pay.

Public Service workers are often the first to have their wages cut when Central Governments impose unjustified cuts and pay-freezes, based on poor economic policy. What remains true is that despite soaring costs of living and increasing inflation, rates of pay have stagnated, meaning that workers are often left worse off, with a problem that becomes more sever ad obvious year-on-year.

Every year, we review the Pay offer from Surrey County Council, and consult our members to ensure that all staff across the council are paid a fair wage. Pay reviews usually start around October, for acceptance and implementation for the start of the financial year in April.

For the most up to date news on our pay campaigns, check the news pages to find out about both pay at Surrey County Council, and across the public sector.

UNISON Pay Claim to SCC for 2022


2019 Workplace AGMs

Please try to come to one of our workplace meetings in March. If you have a workplace rep they should be organising one at your workplace. These meetings will discuss what the branch has been doing and vote on accepting newly elected officers and the Annual Report: