Women’s Equality

Women make up 80% of UNISON’s membership, and as such it remains important to ensure that women’s equality issues remain at the forefront of our work.

Our branch remains committed to representing women’s issues in Surrey. We have a Women’s officer to ensure that our commitment to women’s issues remains at the forefront of our campaigning, working locally as well as supporting national campaigns. As a Trade Union, we have mechanisms in place to ensure that women remain equally represented in our structures, so that women’s voices are heard  from the branch level, right to the top with our National Executive Committee.

Women in employment continue to face a range issues. Sexual Harassment in the workplace disproportionally affects women, and can have have a range of consequences that can have a major affect on someone’s life, both at work and beyond. UNISON remain committed to stopping Sexual Harassment, but also work to ensure that victims receive support and assistance, and that the employer does everything to mitigate the risk.

The Gender Pay gap remains an issue in our society, meaning that on average women receive around 18% less than men. UNISON is working to ensure that we eradicate this gap, looking at pay structures, ensuring that women are fairly represented in positions across employers and making employers aware of their commitments.

Our branch is committed to campaigning on these issues, and working to support the women in our branch. If you feel passionately about women’s issues, or if you feel that you have been affected by an issue, please get in contact with us.