2020 – 2021 Surrey County Council pay offer

Surrey County Council and the Trade Unions (Unison and GMB) have reached agreement on the 2020 – 21 pay offer effective from 1 April 2020. We are recommending acceptance as the best that can be achieved through negotiation but we are challenging on the changes to the Work Base Relocation Grant. We are conducting an¬†electronic […]

The Surrey team


UNISON local Government and national Delegate conference took place in Liverpool from 16 – 21 June saw Surrey branch at its best.     See¬†link for detailed report on conference.   Conf_issuev-1      

UNISON Remembrance garden

The remembrance garden at county hall near the old refectory is beginning to flower and is a splash of sustainable colour in an otherwise drab corner of County Hall.

2019-20 Pay Offer at Surrey County Council

For more information about the offer and our current ballot. Please see the campaigns page here.

2019 Workplace AGMs

Please try to come to one of our workplace meetings in March. If you have a workplace rep they should be organising one at your workplace. These meetings will discuss what the branch has been doing and vote on accepting newly elected officers and the Annual Report: